Whisky Advocate Names Valentine Distilling Co. to 10 Highest Scoring Whiskies

Mayor Pingree 11 year old Straight Bourbon (Batch 3)
93 points, 57.25% ABV, $90

Intense, flavorful, and lush. The nose has roasted chestnuts, coconut shavings, leather, butterscotch, carrot cake, candied nuts, maple syrup, and pastry cream. It’s well-textured and drenched in flavor: blackberry jam, dark chocolate, mint oil, maple syrup, roasted nuts, root beer, clove, white pepper, toasted coconut, and cherry cough drops. Wet walnuts, oak, and lingering intensity on the finish. Add water to unlock more spice and fruit, and give it plenty of time to develop. 

—Susannah Skiver Barton