Where can I purchase Valentine spirits? Check out the Where to Buy page for a full accounting of this answer.


What days/times are you open? Our hours are updated on our contact page.

Where is your cocktail menu? Right here.

Do you serve food at the Cocktail Lounge? We serve small appetizers. For events, catering is available.

Can I purchase bottles at the Cocktail Lounge? Yes, bottles are available for take out.


Do you offer tours? Yes. We currently offer tours of our 20,000 sq. ft. Production Facility at 965 Wanda St. in Ferndale. Book a tour here.

Do you host private events? Yes, our private event space is available for groups of one to 100+ with no restrictions on catering. Contact heather@valentinedistilling.com with all inquiries.


Do you ship your spirits? If you don’t live in states that we are distributed, you are able to order from our third-party partners. Please note that the availability of our Bourbon and other whiskey are severely limited and may not be in stock.


Any other questions? Reach out to us using the form on the Contact Us page. Click below to get started.

Other Qs?